Soey Milk & John Mayer’s Creative Collaboration

“He’s a creative individual with the biggest heart,” says Soey Milk of accomplished singer-songwriter and talented guitarist John Mayer. “He supports artists 120%.” After a conversation initiated by Mayer over Instagram, Milk was granted complete creative freedom in designing the cover art for his new album, “The Search for Everything.” Mayer gradually released the album... Continue Reading →

Soey Milk: Kiokada

“Every little thing matters and every emotion is communicated with the figure I’m painting,” says California artist Soey Milk of her figurative female paintings and drawings. Milk spends a significant amount of time with each piece, causing it to evolve as the artist allows her experiences, visceral feelings and Korean heritage to inform the imagery.... Continue Reading →

Looking Closer: MANN vol. 1.7 The Sketchbooks

Observing one of Jeremy Mann’s paintings is witnessing a moment in time through the artist’s eyes. The painting exists not as a single image but as an experience in its entirety, whether it’s standing on a busy street corner studying blurred brake lights in the midst of a city storm or watching the afternoon light... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Mann: Experimentations, Process and Emotions

  Experimentations, Process and Emotions opens April 28th as a compelling new body of sensuous portraits and moody cityscapes by California painter Jeremy Mann. Each concept in the exhibition’s title speaks to a fundamental ingredient in the painter’s life and artistry, which exist simultaneously as Mann’s personal observations define his actions in the studio. Experimentations.... Continue Reading →

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