Alice Leora Briggs: The Writing is on the Wall

For her upcoming solo exhibition, “The Writing is on the Wall,” artist Alice Leora Briggs explores death and violence at the battered borderlands of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico through intricate sgraffito drawings and woodcut prints. While her focus on this particular subject matter began with her Border Art Residency near Juárezin 2008, Briggs’ preoccupation with death... Continue Reading →

A conversation with Jeremy Mann about his final U.S. exhibition, and his decision to stop painting cityscapes

Jeremy Mann’s 2019 solo exhibition opening August 30th is the gallery and the artist’s largest exhibition to date, featuring 55 works including the Mann’s signature cityscapes, Compositions and portraits, as well as his photography and film work. The show also marks a shift in Mann’s creative career as his last solo U.S. solo exhibition for... Continue Reading →

EVOKE Contemporary Celebrates 10 Years with Group Exhibition & New Artists

EVOKE Contemporary celebrates its tenth anniversary this month as a gallery committed to showcasing the best of emerging and established artists working in contemporary realism, fostering collector-artist relationships, and cultivating unique art experiences. From its first location on Lincoln Avenue to his current, modern gallery space in the Railyard Art District, EVOKE is one of... Continue Reading →

Closer Look: “Grrl” by Kristine Poole

“Much of my work deals with women’s experiences and the power that words have to define and shape the realities we live in,” says Santa Fe sculptor Kristine Poole. Poole’s fired clay sculptures are anatomically correct female forms whose bodies are wrapped with written words or long form texts. From a distance, these carved messages... Continue Reading →

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