Louisa McElwain: Cumulus Songs

Louisa McElwain‘s paintings are imbued with a tangible passion that the artist felt for the land and her natural surroundings in New Mexico. McElwain is known for her process of plein air painting on considerably large canvases and for her saturated, luminous palette. Her most beloved pieces feature signature stormy skies enveloping the mountains below, or rocky southwest imagery revealing the rainbow of color inherent to the desert landscape. Lively and emotive, these pieces bring us closer to the joyful fervor of the artist and her spiritual connection to nature.

“The act of painting is an expression of my connectedness with God and Nature,” McElwain once said. “I often feel energy, like electricity, surging upward from the ground, through my knees, through my arms and right on to the canvas.”

As manager of McElwain’s estate, Evoke Contemporary releases new paintings each year and accepts consignments from collectors. This results in never-before-seen work exhibited exclusively at the gallery in new exhibitions. McElwain’s massive, late-career cloudscapes are a favored style for collectors so are naturally becoming increasingly rare. Evoke’s current exhibition is Louisa McElwain: Cumulus Songs and features recently released paintings that fit that genre.

“My process is an inquiry into sensuous potential of paint,” said McElwain. “To explore the mystery of sensation, to touch that which is known but cannot be measured, understood yet indescribable.”

Louisa McElwain: Cumulus Songs opens Friday, March 30th during the Last Friday Railyard Art Walk. Join us as we celebrate the life and work of Louisa McElwain through beauty she imparted in her paintings.

Newly released paintings from Louisa McElwain’s estate, on display for Cumulus Songs:

SnowPhantomsDanceSnow Phantom’s Dance
oil on canvas, 42 x 54

Untitled-NM-Landscape-17Untitled NM Landscape, 17
oil on canvas, 34 x 46

SedonaSpringSnowSedona Spring Snow
oil on canvas, 28 x 52

oil on canvas, 46 x 64

EireneThe Kiss
oil on canvas, 30 x 46

Click Here to Inquire about a Louisa McElwain Painting


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