Eerie Myths & Fantastic Fables: New Work by Aron Wiesenfeld


“The world will never be anything other than the perception of my own senses,” says California artist Aron Wiesenfeld, whose painted and drawn figures exist in realms of uncertainty, fantasy and ominous mystery. Elongated and innocent young adults, characterized by their childlike faces and figures, are caught in pivotal moments during exploratory ventures. The settings are linked to the unconscious and an inherent mood, weaving a story that is based on emotion rather than logical narrative or single interpretation. According to the artist, his paintings and drawings are “best regarded meditatively and introspectively,” inviting the viewer to join his characters on their lonesome journeys and enter into their fantastical worlds.

Picnic, Aron Wiesenfeld, 25×40″ charcoal on paper. Click for inquiry.

While Aron Wiesenfeld typically works with a dark palette, there is often an illuminated presence in his pieces, whether it’s a bright light source in the distance like in the painting “Fog,” or simply the sky breaking through the trees as in the haunting charcoal drawing, “Picnic.” The oil painting “Bloom,” however, is viewed through a soft green filter, giving it an eerie yet overall luminous quality. A girl in pink stands at the waters edge and plays the flute while beautiful wild flowers, mushrooms and weeds bloom on the bank behind her – seemingly in response to her tune. Wiesenfeld says of the piece:

“Bloom” like a lot of my paintings is a fantasy.  The flute player has been a fascinating, recurrent image.  In the painting a woman steps out of contemporary life into a scene from myth. She is leaving her belongings behind, and having picked up a flute, she is summoning a boatman to carry her across the river to the other side, to the realm of the spirit.”

Bloom, Aron Wiesenfeld, 30×30″ oil on canvas. Click for inquiry.

“Fog” is another painting with a mythical theme. In the foreground, nymphs lounge just out of view at the forest’s edge not far from a winding road, but are hidden by darkness. The girls are not quite out of sight however, but are made apparent by their glowing naked skin and bed of bright wildflowers. “The idea is that nymphs still live in the forest,” says Wiesenfeld of this piece. “And they can be seen if you drive along a forest road at night and look into the darkness between the trees.”

Fog, Aaron Wiesenfeld, 24.5×33″ oil on canvas. Click for inquiry.

Wiesenfeld is constantly sketching places that strike a particular mood and it is usually these quick drawings that inform his pieces. Imagination and memory, however, dictate the final outcome. Wiesenfeld’s work causes us to reach deeper into our subconscious and question the reality of the world around us. We become the curious characters in his myths as we find ourselves taking second glances at dark corners or quiet shadows, searching for the reality of a felt presence.

View more of Aron Wiesenfeld’s newest paintings and drawings.

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