Looking Closer: MANN vol. 1.7 The Sketchbooks

Observing one of Jeremy Mann’s paintings is witnessing a moment in time through the artist’s eyes. The painting exists not as a single image but as an experience in its entirety, whether it’s standing on a busy street corner studying blurred brake lights in the midst of a city storm or watching the afternoon light cast shadows over a woman’s soft expression. It’s in these passing moments from the artist’s daily life where Mann’s paintings begin to take shape, moments that happen long before the first streak of paint christens a blank panel. Mann’s daily experiences, observations, theories and emotions are intertwined in the finished piece, leaving the viewer to perceive them as a wondrous whole. With his most recent publication, “MANN vol. 1.7 – The Sketchbooks,” the artist exposes these sensibilities from his daily life, which in turn have characterized and shaped his work.

This volume documents Mann’s sketches over a three-year period from July 2013 to October 2016. It is a full size duplication of five sketchbooks from this time period complete with fingerprints, smudges and smears and even a few coffee stains. Raw yet refined, “MANN vol. 1.7 – The Sketchbooks” gives us a view of the world through Mann’s artistic eye. Each sketch acts as a visual entry in the artist’s intimate diary and their compilation is an unprecedented look at the artist’s personal introspection.

When asked about the importance of his sketches to his artistic process, Mann responds:

The sketchbook exists in whole as a testament to the importance of daily observation for an artist.  By sketching as often as possible, balancing from life and photo reference, the awareness of an artist is increased exponentially.  The reason why I duplicated the last five sketchbooks was to illustrate this point, where the growth of my sensibilities over the course of 3 years of drawing, can be visually witnessed and examined from page one until page 400.  I didn’t feel words were necessary to elicit points or purposes, processes or otherwise, it’s very simple, and it’s very poignant, the more you draw, the more aware you are of the world around you and the more developed your personal style and language of art becomes.  It is quintessential to painting, as many things which first seemingly have little in common, become the most important aspects of an artist.

MANN vol. 1.7 – The Sketchbooks is now available for purchase at the gallery. Call us at 505-995-9902 to reserve your copy and click here to digitally browse this volume.


Photos in the post credited to Jeremy Mann. 


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